Most people have goals in life but very few of them take the trouble of writing them down. While writing them down might seem like a waste of time and energy, it is in fact the simplest way of ensuring that you work towards and achieve your goals. Studies too, have proved that people who write down their goals manage to accomplish them more than the one who don’t.
Take your time. Once you envision your goal, write it down immediately. Don’t dawdle, as you might lose focus. Write down whatever comes to your mind in terms of obstacles, milestones or even benefits of achieving your goal.


Keep your written goals in your vicinity will keep you motivated. Especially on days when you seem to be going nowhere, the post-it on your mirror or fridge will remind you of your ultimate goal and keep you moving.

Make it real

Writing down your goals on a piece of paper makes it more real. The destination becomes more tangible and thereby provides much more motivation than a mere thought. Scientifically, the simple act of writing down your goals provides your brain with a new dimension of consciousness, ideas and productivity.

Break it down

Once you write it down, you will be able to break it down further into short term goals, to-do lists and several milestones. This will give you clarity and help you understand the way to achieve it, better.

Goal setting is important but just having great ideas isn’t enough. Writing down goals will keep you on track and help you achieve them in more realistic manner.


5 Advantages of maintaining your house

Only a home owner knows the amount of emotional, physical and not to forget, financial investment that goes into the up-keep of a house. While maintaining your house isn’t an easy task it sure does have amazing pay outs. Also, it is not something that you can complete in a day and strike off from your to-do lists. You need to be at it constantly and quite regularly. The top 5 advantages of maintain your house are:

1. Safety

Keeping that mold in check or making sure that the moisture doesn’t wreck the foundation is the first step in keeping your family and your biggest investment safe.

2. Aesthetics

Who doesn’t love a pretty house? Maintaining the aesthetics will make you the envy of your neighbors.

3. Stress-free productive environment

A safe and clean house is the perfect support system for any family. The stress free environment does wonders to one’s creativity and the productivity quotient in a household.

4. Exercise/bonding

The small process chores of maintaining your own house shouldn’t be outsourced. Do it with your family. Getting everybody involved is a great way to get some much needed family time and exercise as well.

5.Keeps up the resale value

Finally, making sure your house is well maintained keeps its resale value up.

As a home owner, your involvement in masoning your house makes all the difference therefore it’s important to keep a yearly and monthly house upkeep items list. Regular up-keep is the best way to take care of your biggest investment, your home!